The incredible staff at HCH – most of whom have volunteered their time – really set the tone for the home. Their love for Jesus Christ spills over into how they work to raise this overgrown family. These children, who could just as well be out in the streets, will now grow up with fond memories of their “home” and “parents” like many of us have. This team of compassionate adults ensures that these precious little ones in their care are nurtured, safe and have the basics of life in a loving environment. HCH provides about 6,480 meals for the children every month. In addition, HCH and the staff provide room and board, shower and toilet facilities (Cameroon standards), health care, worship and devotionals twice each day, spiritual instruction, appropriate discipline and some teaching regarding basic life skills. They also go the extra mile to give individual attention and guidance to the kids, based on their personal development. Though nothing can replace a child’s parents and their family home, the hard work and sacrifice of the HCH team truly gives these orphans a new family, a new hope and a new future.

Emmanuel Ful

Emmanuel Ful is the Director and Chaplain of HCH – providing spiritual care and teaching for the orphans. He is married with 5 children and has been part of HCH since March 2003.

Emmanuel Ngala

Emmanuel Ngala built HCH, and is the Facilities Manager and a great male role model for the kids. He is married with 3 children and has been a part of HCH since March 2003.

Rev. Enoch Wain Yongkuma

Rev. Enoch Wain Yongkuma is the Comptroller and is a powerful advocate for HCH in the community. He has 8 children, numerous grandchildren and has been married since 1957!! He has held many prominent positions in the education system as well as in the church. He has been involved with HCH since construction of the facility in 2004

Esther Cheah

Esther Cheah is the head Matron, Assistant Chaplain and female supervisor providing daily care and spiritual guidance to the children. Esther is the female pillar around the compound and has been part of HCH since August 2005.

Timothy Nsom Siih

Timothy Nsom Siih is the handy-man at HCH. He helps out around the facility where needed and is often found interacting with the children. He’s a great male role model for the children as well as being a deacon in his church. Timothy is married with 5 children and has been with HCH since June 2012.

Yoh Voluntas Wowul

Yoh Voluntas Wowul (Voluntas) is the Nurse at HCH and although she only has basic medical knowledge, she is eager and receptive to learning from Helen (visiting Nurse). She is also often found interacting with the children and typically has several children following her around. Voluntas has been with HCH since February 2013.

Kuo Nsom Helen

Kuo Nsom Helen (Helen) is a state registered nurse with the government of Cameroon. She has a passion for orphans and children. She comes to HCH twice a week to check on the children and to instruct Voluntas. Helen has been working with HCH since June 2013.

Tifu Thomas Yongha

Tifu Thomas Yongha (Thomas) is the night watch and is very happy to be working at HCH. He is often found with a smile on his face and happily joins in with the children at their nightly devotionals. Thomas has been with HCH since June 2014.

Ful Brenda Funkuin

Ful Brenda Funkuin (Brenda) is one of the 2 cooks at HCH. Brenda lives in Fundong with her 3 children. Besides cooking, Brenda is also skilled in sewing. Brenda has been with HCH since June 2014.

Gama Emmanuela Tung

Gama Emmanuela Tung (Emmanuela) is the second of the 2 cooks at HCH. Emmanuela lives in Fundong (with Brenda) and her daughter. Emmanuela has always had a passion for children, especially for orphans in distress. She started working at HCH in September 2014.

Cry Cameroon Board

Rev. Valentin F. Mbong Sr.

Rev. Valentin F. Mbong Sr., Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, Master of Religious Education, and Master of Divinity (pictured with wife Pearlie A. Mbong, R.N.) is the President/Founder of Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA]. He is also the founder of Harvest Children’s Home [HCH], Cameroon. Besides his passion for His Lord Jesus Christ, his family and the orphans of Cameroon, Valentin is also involved in the spiritual well being of his native country as a Charter Member /USA Liaison Coordinator- Cameroon National Baptist Convention [CNBC] and a Founding Member – International Coalition for African Christian Leadership Development [ICACLD].

Robert Grossenbacher

Robert Grossenbacher is the Vice President of Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA]. Robert and his wife Mary have had a special interest in supporting foreign missions and missionaries since the mid 1970s. They were the first supporters of the ministry of Valentin Mbong, the founder of Harvest Children’s home. Rob was born and raised in San Francisco, California. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University. Although now retired, he worked as a design engineer for most of his career. Following college, however, he served as an officer in the US Air Force and is a Viet Nam veteran. Robert and Mary have two married children and three grand children. Rob serves as an elder at Pinole Valley Community Church in Pinole Valley, California.

John Wright

John Wright is from Washington DC. He was born there in 1942 and attended school in the city. “I had a keen sense of the international quality of DC early as a child and enjoyed growing up there”. After graduating from Washington Bible College in Southern Maryland, John felt called into pastoral ministry with emphasis on Missions. He has pastored in Maryland and California. He currently is pastor at Pinole Valley Community Church in the SF bay area. John and wife Linda, have three grown children and four grand children in Maryland and Texas. John says, “I also have another family high in the mountains of Cameroon and my heart is always there somehow”. He and Linda are also supporting Harvest Dispensary, near Nairobi Kenya.

Christi Delgatty

Christi Delgatty is the Director of Volunteer Programs and Mission Trips. She would love to talk with you about how you can participate on any level with this ministry. Her love for the children of Harvest Children’s Home began in 2005 when she began talking with Valentin about the needs of the children in Fundong, Cameroon. After her first trip to visit these children and our partners in the area, she was ready to commit to helping Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] and Harvest Children’s Homes grow both through prayer and hands-on participation.

Christi lives in Austin, Texas with her sister, two nieces, one nephew, and her dog, Jake. She is a trained sociologist with a research focus on the effectiveness of short term humanitarian work and enjoys volunteering for projects with Cry Cameroon while looking for clear opportunities for increased ministry outreach both locally and around the world. The driving force behind her humanitarian efforts is her desire and calling to spread the knowledge of Christ and to teach believers of all ages how to grow in their Christian faith.

Mark and Susan Dunn

Mark and Susan Dunn are both members of the Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] board, where Susan is the Secretary and Treasurer and Mark is the Vice President of Operations. Both are filled with a passion to love this generation of Cameroonian orphans in Jesus Name and see many other Harvest Children’s Homes open throughout Cameroon and beyond. Mark and Susan have 2 children and 3 grandchildren. They currently live in Albuquerque, NM where Mark is the pastor of Christ Fellowship ABQ a brand new church started in 2012. They lead an active life and love to hike, backpack, SCUBA Dive and travel.

Justin Colvard

Justin Colvard is the newest Board Member of Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA]. He was born and raised in Hartshorne, Oklahoma and earned his Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH) at Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans. With a heart for health- and nutrition-related mission programs, Justin is currently working on health, nutrition, and community development projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but his home in Africa will always be with the Harvest kids in Cameroon.
Justin loves to travel and to learn new languages, which is one of the reasons he believes God has called him to work full-time in Africa. One of his favorite memories from HCH is spending hours and hours in the soccer field behind the orphanage improving his Kom (the dialect of this part of Northwest Cameroon) with the children. Having visited the orphanage many times, he still looks forward to the next time he will be able to visit, and is always happy to chat with someone interested in international missions.