Great news… God provided abundantly for us to reach our $20K matching goal!!  Praise the Lord!! We are so grateful to everyone who donated to make purchasing this land a reality. HCH #2 here we come! We will keep you posted on the progress of buying the land. 



“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans… in their distress.” James 1:27a

High in the mountains of NW Cameroon is Harvest Children’s Home (HCH) – a real home for 50-70 orphaned children. They sing and play, dream and hope, but one thing they don’t have to wonder about any more is: “where do I belong?”  Before HCH these children were destitute.  Because of the ravages of AIDS and other hardships, most of them lived in desperate conditions lacking the most basic necessities of life: adequate shelter, good nutrition, water and education.

But all that’s a fading memory now.  At Harvest Children’s Home, our kids have a new family – a multitude of “brothers” and “sisters,” and a caring staff to see that they’re loved and well supervised.  They have a new hope – security, stability and a Christian faith they can build their lives on. And a new future – far different than before.  They’ll grow up healthy, be educated and learn many life skills. And perhaps most importantly, they’ll learn to love. Harvest Children’s Home is raising the next generation of Christian leaders for Cameroon and beyond, with everything they need to succeed.

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Harvest Children’s Home is a ministry of Cry Cameroon [USA], a 501(c) (3), 170 Public Charity.