Welcome to the website of Harvest Children's Homes!
We're delighted that you're taking some time to let us tell you about our special kids and the home we're all working to provide for them. So sit back and take your time, because you see, this is far more than just a digital image on your screen. It's a portal, an opportunity for a deeper life - a chance to use the gifts you have to live larger than yourself by helping some very needy kids "out there." You can make a difference!

And for them? Well, this is a lifeline - a link to people like you and me, people of compassion who'll at least take a few moments to hear of their plight and maybe even consider how we could help. After all we all have something to offer: prayer, talents, finances, even just a voice to tell others.

So we invite you to explore Harvest Children's Homes with an open mind and heart. Who knows, maybe you'll want to link arms with this small family of caring people and work with us to provide these desperate orphans of AIDS and other tragedies…

A New Family - A New Hope - A New Future

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