Yong Shelton Ngem


Job skills training: Tailoring

Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partners,

I am happy writing to ask your help to do tailoring in a workshop. 

My mother died when I was very young, and so I was taken to Harvest Children’s Home. I lived at HCH for ten years. I am 19 years old now, so I just graduated from the orphanage recently. I even stayed a bit longer because of the crisis in the North West Region.  I am now living with my aunt at Mbissi. She is a widow and farmer. She has no means to help me with school or training. We are two in our family, and we only have each other.

I wish to participate in a tailoring workshop which is in Fundong.  This training will take three years to graduate.  When I finish, I will be able to make clothes of different kinds and help myself and then my aunt. I will open a tailoring workshop and also train other young people.    

This is the expenses that can help me to start the work in August 2021.

Yong Shelton NgemCost: Cam FrancCost: US Dollar
Training Fee50,000$94
Room and board100,000$189
Workshop Jacket15,000$28
Sewing Machine150,000$283

I want to thank Cry Cameroon for all what they have done for me. I know that my life has changed very well in many areas because of the time I spent at Harvest Children’s Home. I pray that you help me again.