Wainfen Cleanseth Nain


Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partners,


I send by best regards to the Harvest Children’s Home family.

I am Wainfen Cleanseth Nain. I have never lived at the Orphanage. However, I spent most of my time with the children at the Harvest Children’s Home as I was growing up at the Church house when my father was a pastor at Salem Baptist Church. My father, Emmanuel Ful, is working at the Harvest Children’s Home for many years now. I was nurtured partly at my home near the orphanage and enjoyed the rest of my time at the Harvest Children’s Home. I come from a family of 4 sisters and 3 brothers.

I am writing to ask for your support to continue my studies at the University in the year 2019/2020. I passed my GCE O Level three years ago with very good grades in 8 subjects (English Language, French, Literature in English, History, Commerce, Geography, Religious Studies and Economics).

I went to the High School in Fundong and later passed my advanced level papers with good grades in 4 papers. I have spent one year at home because of the crisis in the North West and South West Regions. I like to study in the University of Yaoundé 2 in the faculty of journalism and mass Communication.

I will do the French option in order to become bilingual and this will give me a great opportunity to fit into any part of the world without language barrier. I know that the world has become a global village because of communication.

I also have a love for music and will struggle to develop these talents. I had a very sad experience when I attended the Cameroon National Assembly Children’s parliament. I faced many communication difficulties as we needed a translator in almost everything. There are very few translators and it my noble desire to get myself trained in the bilingual system of education. This is a handicap that I am hopeful to overcome in my training career. Unfortunately, I have no means to continue my studies and be ready for all that this career offers.

It was a happy day when the Director of Harvest Children’s Home sent the instruction on this application form which says that staff children who are eligible can apply. I am therefore hopeful

that if consideration is given for my application, I will be very grateful and will do my best to study.

I have known much about Harvest Children’s Home and the impact it has made in the immediate community and beyond, training future leaders and changing the lives of children and families. It is my dream that my future will be very bright with the help of Harvest Children’s Home Partners.

The table here shows the expenses and frequency of operations to study in the University.

Description XFA
Registration/Application/Formalities 45,000
School fees/Tuition 50,000
Room & Board 225,000
Medical Testing/insurance/dues 50,000
Books and other supplies/research/notes 85,000
Feeding/medical needs 125,000
Transportation/processing of files/submission 45,000
TOTAL XAF 625,000
TOTAL USD $1,103

I will like to take this time to thank you for the indirect support I have already received as my Dad is working with you. I pray that this scholarship should be granted so that I can have the direct benefit which will help me grow in my quest for knowledge and professional know how. Again I thank you for your steady impact in the lives of the needy children in our community.