A unique opportunity lies before each of us… the opportunity to change the trajectory of a young person’s life!

It’s that time of year again, time for our eligible students to apply for University sponsorship. Below you will find a list of our 2020 University Candidates that still need a sponsor. This year we have students wanting to start or complete their undergraduate studies, go to a trade school, and we also have some wanting to continue their studies at the Graduate level.

We urge you to read all of the University candidates sponsorship application letters. Then, we ask that you prayerfully ask God to guide and direct you to do His will concerning these students. Our prayer is that He will lead you to sponsor one (or more) of our University candidates; but if not, we know that He will provide for all their needs.

If you would like to sponsor a student, please email Susan Dunn no later than August 15th. (We will need funds in hand no later than August 23rd.)

Emile Yong

SPONSORED!! Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partners, Application for sponsorship in the area of vocational training ...
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Kerice Achoh

SPONSORED!! Dear Harvest Children’s Home partners, Request for support of studies. It is with great ...
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Ndimbu Precious Bi

SPONSORED!! **STAFF CHILD** Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partners, Greetings to all of you. I am ...
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Ndimbu Donald Chianoh

SPONSORED!! **STAFF CHILD** Dear Harvest Children’s Home partners I am happy to greet all of ...
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Nkain Precious

SPONSORED!! PRAISE GOD!! **STAFF CHILD** Dear Harvest Children's Home Partner; I am writing to you ...
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Chia Endurance

SPONSORED!! PRAISE GOD!! **Graduate Studies Request** Dear Harvest Children's Home Partner A LETTER OF REQUEST ...
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Fortunes Mbuh

SPONSORED, PRAISE GOD!! **STAFF CHILD, Graduate Studies Request** Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partners, REQUEST FOR ...
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