Tim Jusphine Nayahg


University Studies

Dear Cry Cameroon Ministries,

Greetings to you all. I have seen the love and care that you have for the orphans by giving them opportunities to apply for university studies, and I wish to be one of the applicants.

I am 23 years. I came to Harvest Children’s Home (HCH) in 2006, and I left in 2014. This means that I have stayed in HCH for 8 years. I am from a monogamous family. My father died when I was still an infant. He had a successor to his property and family, but due to problems raised by my father’s family and my mother’s family, he did not take care of us. My mother brought me up until when I was 8 years, and she could not take care of me because she did not have a means. She learnt of this home HCH and brought me to it. Since the death of my father, there has come two successors, but they did not know us.  They also died. Now, there is another one I just met him a month ago. I believe that with time, God will do His will.

I completed my primary education and continued with the secondary education in Christ the King Comprehensive High School in Fundong. I was promoted up to the level of form five, but I struggled in my studies eventually failing in my changes for higher education.  However, Rev. Njung Promise continued with me in the second year, and I wrote and passed 5 papers out of 5 allowing me to rise to the university level. After this stage, however, I had no means to go to the university, and so he gave me the chance to teach in the primary school.

This year, I wish to attend the University of Bamenda with the intention of studying philosophy. After my graduation from the university, I wish to become a philosophy teacher. This program will last for 3 years. I will live at the school which is located in Bambili, and my family will also help me by giving me food or money to care for myself.  Even I will also be doing a small business to help myself when need be.  My program will start in October 2021.  My studies this year will require the following: 

Tim Jusphine Nayah – 2021Cost: Cam FrancCost: US Dollar
School Fees (Tuition)50000$94
Room and board200000$377
Medical testing/ insurance/ student’s dues35000$66
Books and other supplies/handouts50000$94

In all, I wish to thank Cry Cameroon Ministries for this great love and support to me. I have nothing to do or say unless I continue praying that God should bless you and give you more grace in everything you do and make you prosperous in Jesus name.