...are writing new life stories every day for orphaned children in Cameroon - giving them a new family, a new hope and a new future.


Redeeming orphaned children and supporting ongoing Christian ministries in Cameroon.


Provide residential orphan care including physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual care and support ongoing Christian ministries by training pastors and Christian leaders, offering vocational training, facilitating volunteer opportunities, and initiating community networking.

Derrick Afumbom Testimony

Harvest children's home (HCH) is one of the most inspiring and significant institutions in Cameroon.

My dad died when Mom was pregnant with me. At 5, I was admitted into HCH where I've lived for 15years. While there, I succeeded to have my elementary, ordinary and the advanced level certificates and now I am currently undergoing a university program on communication and development still under the sponsorship of the Cry Cameroon ministry.

I know and anyone who has passed through this institution can testify with me that this people are unreciprocal in the love and care that they render to children and the vulnerable. This institution is unique and selfless. I love HCH, I love Cry Cameroon ministry.


Jusphine Testimony (Tim Jusphine Nayah)

I want to thank Cry Cameroon for the wonderful work she has done for us especially me. I know that I am at this level today because of you. Thank you for letting God pave a good way for me through Cry Cameroon

Dady God caused you to be my bridge where I will cross and go to higher heights of which I have already crossed, and I am going.

When I reflect my life in the village, I wonder what I could have been, but you let your hearts to be used by God to help people like me. You make me educated and you make me grow in the word of God. I am grateful and happy dady. God bless you. I know all my prosperity today is because of Cry Cameroon ministry. Thank you so much. I can see myself becoming somebody in life when I thought I could not.

I pray God bless you more to continue to be a blessing to many. Thank Cry Cameroon so much dady. I pray to also be a blessing to others like you dady.


My name is Tim Donald NGWANBI. I am 27 years old. I lived in the HCH for about 5 years since 2007. This write up is my testimony about HCH presented in 3 parts, that is; How life was like before HCH, How was it to live in the HCH, and Looking back how HCH has helped and is still helping me and how better is my life now because of HCH.

There is indeed a lot for me to say about how life was like for me before HCH but to summarize the whole long story to just a word, Life for me before HCH was HOPELESS.

To live in HCH was to have FOUND a HOME. I felt the SENSE of BELONGING in the FAMILY. It gave birth to a life of PROSPECTS in me. To live in HCH means so much more to me than I can explain.

The HCH gave me HOPE for the future and a better life I never even imagined. It helped me to set my own life GOALS and DREAMS which I am working out and achieving now. HCH has helped me in so many more ways than I can really say. It gave me a better view and drive of life.

My life is a lot better now in that I have education, I can work out my own dreams and goals, I truly understand fully what it means to make life for others -that is, give hope to the hopeless which has develop the passion in me to set that as one of my life’s goals, and most importantly, my life is so much better now in that I belong in the most amazing and awesome family of my life –the Christian family and will forever be grateful to God for the wonderful gift.

HCH has created the INCREDIBLE me I never dreamed of in my life. If every single person and in my society is proud of who I am in life, HCH takes all the credit, all Gratefulness to God Almighty.

My immense Gratitude to the Founder(s), Proprietor(s) and Members of the Cry-Cameroon Board, to HCH Partners and Supporters, and to every Staff who has ever served in the HCH.

God Bless YOU! T. DONALD N.

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