Nkain Precious



Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partner;

I am writing to you this later to request for your support in the university.

My name is Nkain precious am the first born from a family of six.  My father Moma Emmanuel Nkain is a pastor, and my mother Nkain Antalia Neng works in the Harvest Children’s Home Fujua, Fundong. I am 20 years of age and a level 200 student in National Polytechnic University Institute Bamenda in the department of Petroleum and Mining Engineering specialty QUARRY OPERATION. I will be going to level 300 next academic year. However, finance is a big issue for me.  Being a low income migrated family student, I don’t just feel my parents will be able to provide that well for my studies and for us all.

My professional goals are achieving knowledge in my field of study and also being able to carry out operations and activities as far as quarrying is concern and aimed at being trained to be an engineer in mining (quarry operation). Will wish to rent my own room located within the school compound. Our schools resume in the Month of October.

 Cost: Cam FrancCost: US Dollar
School Fees (Tuition)50,000$83
Room & Board150,000$250
Books and supplies100,000$167
Others (necessary)35,000$58

{Precious has $300 leftover from her sponsorship last year.  So, this year she will only need $367}

Thank you all for your hospitality. I wouldn’t be where I am today without people like you. You all have no idea of how much your help means to me. I really can’t thank you all enough, but I pray our lord God almighty rewards you all.


Nkain Precious Mbonghiti