Nkain Precious mBonghiti

University Studies

My heartfelt regards to the Harvest Children Home in general and to the sponsors. I will love to start by thanking you all for the love and support you have shown me for the past two years.

I am Nkain Precious Mbonghiti, 21years old. My mother Nkain Antalia Neng works as a matron in the Harvest Children’s Home, Fujua Fundon. I have received support for the past two years in the school of Engineering under the Department of Mining and will be graduating with a degree in Mining. 

I am glad to announce that all things being equal, I will be completing my degree program this 2021. I was hoping to get a job after my degree to I be able to fund my Master’s program, but due to the anglophone crisis in our country, chances of getting one is very low. I wish to Request for your support again so I can continue to the post graduate program which is very much available in the University of Bamenda. At the end I will for sure have high chances of getting a job even out of the region. To make this dream of mine I reality, I plea for your aid in the following areas: 

Nkain Precious Mbonghiti – 2021Cost: Cam FrancCost: US Dollar
School Fees (Tuition)50,000$94
Room & Board200,000$377
Required books/tools/equipment18,000$34
Medical testing35,000$66
Student dues/uniform95,000$179
Partial Sponsorship$500
TOTAL493,000$930 $430

Once again, I thank you for all your sacrifice and commitment to give me a better future. I will forever keep fresh memories of this unfailing love for my success in life. I pray that you should be blessed in every way.  I sincerely appreciate your efforts towards my education and pray God should continue to replenish your source for I believe my life will never be the same again. All thanks to your kindhearted support.

Nkain Precious mBonghiti