Nkain Precious Mbongheti

Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partners,

I am Nkain Precious Mbongheti, daughter of Antalia. My mother is working at the HCH since 2016, and I had the chance to apply for University support. She is also the chaplain of the Home. I have spent some time with her during the crisis in Cameroon’s two regions.

We are six children in our family, and I am the first. I have studies passed the elementary school, secondary and obtained my GCE A’level subjects at GBHS Fundong. This gives me the qualification papers to do university studies.

I wish to continue my studies in the University of Bamenda or National Polytechnic in Bambui. I will have as my first option to do Geology. I intend to obtain a degree and will continue to a professional school and become a petroleum Geologist.

I project the list of my expenses as follows:

Description XFA
Resgistration and testing 50,000
Tuition/fees 50,000
Room & Board 200,000
Books and supplies 86,000
Feeding 70,000
Research and field trips 75,000
Course requirements 60,000
Transportation 60,000
Other Necessary Expenses 30,000
TOTAL XAF 681,000
TOTAL USD $1,201

I take this opportunity to thank Cry Cameroon for willing to allow her partners support me and the rest of the children at Harvest Children’s Home. My parents will be happy to help me other needs as the need arises. I shall be most grateful if my application is granted.