Nguiamba Ange Myrianne Erica

Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partner,

I am writing this letter to ask for a help.

I am eighteen years old. I live with my mother, and it is too difficult for her to take care of us because she has no job. And it is difficult for her to pay our schooling.  My grandfather Rev Valentin Mbong is the founder of Cry Cameroon and Harvest Children Home.

I have passed my bachelor degree at Saint Jerome Management and Business School and in September 2022 I want to pass Master degree. I do accounting control and audit for specialization. I want to be a good financial analyst and it is the only subject that goes with what I want to be and the base of what I have studied. We are in the last midst of evaluations right now. Academic year finishes the 31st of July and starts on September.

Description of ExpenseXFAUSD
Tuition (University)975,000$1,625
TOTAL Expenses975,000$1,625

This is all what I need for my tuition expense, but I’ll be very grateful for what you will give to me.

I don’t need a room because I live with my mother.

Thank you for the support of last year.  It allowed me to continue my studies. I am so grateful for all what you have done for me and my family, and I hope to have a favorable result.


Nguiamba Ange Myrianne Erica