If God is moving in your heart to really be Jesus’ hands and feet for our family in Fundong, Cameroon; then becoming an HCH Ambassador may just be your ticket to plug in!

What is an HCH Ambassador? Well, we are glad you asked!! An HCH Ambassador is someone who is a vocal advocate for Harvest Children’s Homes in their sphere of influence. You talk to your family, your friends, your co-workers, your church family, your church leadership, your church mission board, etc. about HCH and get them as excited as you are about HCH! As you are talking with your peeps, invite them to like our Facebook page and bring them here to the website to learn more information. If your peeps have questions, feel free to email us at
info@crycameroon.org and we will be happy to answer any questions you or they may have.

As mission trips gear up to go visit HCH or other parts of Cameroon, HCH Ambassadors have the first opportunities to be on the team going – but going is not a requirement, just an opportunity! HCH Ambassadors are also the ones we look to to help gather the necessary supplies for the mission trips. Supplies such as clothing, personal hygiene items, Bibles, and other trip specific items. Additional year-round areas of assistance could include research projects of appropriate vocational training for our kids or training materials for the HCH staff.

Wanna be an HCH Ambassador? Drop us a quick note at
info@crycameroon.org with ‘I wanna be an HCH Ambassador’ in the body of the email and we will get in contact with you.