The future of Harvest Children’s Homes is very bright. As God brings caring people our way and moves them to be involved we hope to accomplish a number of exciting things.

The first is to deepen the excellence of care for the children. At the most basic level, their diet could be more nutritious, encompassing more fresh fruits and vegetables, even meat on occasion. Improved shower and toilet facilities are needed for them as well. We have a dream of providing more private Christian education and job skills training so our kids will move into adulthood fully prepared to not only succeed, but lead in their generation. This also means sending them for a University level education.

The HCH staff needs better training. We seek to develop a set curriculum that addresses the many issues of raising and caring for such a large family: from sanitation and first aid to discipline issues and how to best meet the special needs of orphaned children. Making Harvest Children’s Home feel like a real family for these little ones is a real priority.

The facility itself needs to be finished with flooring in some areas, landscaping and a protective fence. The children would also benefit from a better play area including some playground equipment. Additionally, upgrades and building additions should also be added to accommodate an older and more mature group of children.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the dream of the Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] board is to “perfect” and standardize each aspect of the facility, staff, finances and procedures at this home in Fundong so it can be replicated throughout Cameroon and beyond where hundreds of thousands of children just like these wait for a new family a new hope and a new future. You and I hold the key to that future and by the grace of God, we’ll all work together to see this dream become a reality for many more needy orphans.