Ful Lizette Nyinghi


University Studies

Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partner,

I want to thank you so much for the great impact you have done in my life. I have successfully completed my first two semesters at the ICT UNIVERSITY. Studying medicines or health has always been my dream from childhood, and I am so happy that you have given me this special opportunity to do so for a year already.

My first year at ICT University has made me learn a lot of things. I have started educating the population through writing of health articles which are being posted on Facebook. This is done through a Facebook page where I and my friends run called BETTER HEALTH.

Equally, since my studies have mostly been online, I engaged in teaching to make use of my free time. I have been teaching human biology and physics in a secondary school here in Yaoundé. Teaching these subjects has equally given me the chance to talk about health to my students and colleagues.

Presently, registrations are ongoing for the summer semester at the ICT University which begins in July ending and the fall semester which will start in October. Please I would like to continue with my studies for the next semesters. The expenses I need for two semesters are:

Ful Lizette Nyinghi – 2021Cost: Cam FrancCost: US Dollar
School fees (Tuition)950,000$1,792
Internship and seminars200,000$377
Room and board20,000$38

I want to thank Cry Cameroon Ministries and all those who have sponsored me throughout my life. Thank you for changing my life.  God bless you abundantly.