Fortunes Mbuh


**STAFF CHILD, Graduate Studies Request**

Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partners,


My best regards to the Harvest Children’s Home in general and to the sponsors specifically. Let me thank you for all that you have done to me for the past two academic years. The story of my education and welfare will never be complete without your support.

I am Fortunes Mbuh, 20 years old. My father, Emmanuel Ful, worked as Director and Chaplain. I received support for the past three years and in the faculty of Law and Political Science and will graduate with a degree law.

I am happy to announce that all things being equal, I will be graduating this December 2020.  The measures to curb the corona virus are being applied by all students and lecturers of our department. I lack words enough to express my thanks to you and family. The University authorities are aware of these challenges and have also scheduled courses on days where the security is best. More so, the students’ residential area where we are is safe for the time being.

Here is a list of the expenses that I will need for the school to start in October 2020.

 Cost: Cam FrancCost: US Dollar
Medical testing/insurance/dues35000$58
Room and board200000$233
Project writing/ processing/submission60000$100

Once again, I thank you for all your sacrifice and commitment to give me a better future. I will forever keep fresh memories of this unfailing love for my success in life. I pray that you should be blessed in every way.  I sincerely appreciate your efforts towards my education and pray God should continue to replenish your source for I believe my life will never be the same again. All thanks to your kindhearted support.



Wainfen Fortunes Mbuh