As you know, caring for a family (especially the size of ours!) can be quite a financial undertaking.  Your donations will be used to continue providing for the daily needs of our children, staff and facility.  There are many ongoing needs and new challenges that require generous donors like you. Your support will also be a key factor in being able to realize our dream of building other Harvest Children’s Homes in Cameroon and beyond to meet the growing need of countless desperate orphans.

There are 2 ways you can help:

  • Become a regular monthly supporter. As a monthly supporter of Harvest Children’s Home, you are the financial foundation of this ministry. From covering basic necessities at HCH to realizing the dream of reaching other desperate children, without regular supporters like you, it all stops. (Click on the link below and choose the monthly recurring option.)
  • Make a onetime donation to the general fund or a special project. Thank you so much for considering a onetime donation. Much good work gets done as generous people like you lend a hand. 

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