Mafum Finain

Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partners,

I’m happy to write to you this latter in request for sponsorship for my university studies.  My name is Mafum Finian, I am from the north west region of Cameroon, I am the son of late Mr and Mrs Mafum. We were the six of us when they left us to glory.  After that there was no one to sponsor us in our education, so I had the opportunity with my elder sister to be taken to HCH in 2004. I have been in HCH for 14 years of which I have been able to acquire quality education, good food, health and morals. I most testify the good works of HCH in my and any little time spend there because it was all fun.

I wish to attend a private school called INIESAT University (International Institute of Engineering, Science, Arts, and Technology) Yaoundé at Simbock. It is a two-year training which I will be going in to the business field and upon graduation will receive a higher national diploma (HND) from the ministry of higher education to become a resource manager and a business planter. The school starts on October with effective lessons.

Description of ExpenseXFAUSD
Tuition (Job Training)270,000$450
Room & Board300,000$500
Medical testing/insurance (requested 50K)50,000$83
Student Dues50,000$83
Special Project Fees50,000$83
TOTAL Expenses930,000$1,548

Thanks for the HCH board and partners for your great works.  As you diligently seek God by putting smiles on our face, may the good God continue seeing you through and protecting you.


Mafum Finian