Emile Yong


Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partners,

Application for sponsorship in the area of vocational training.

Greetings to you all.

I am Emile Yong, 19 years old. I lived at Harvest Children’s Home for 10 years. My family is made up of 3 brothers and 1 sister. My parents both died when I was 5 years old as I am told.

My desire is to do auto-mechanics in a garage with little or no support from anywhere. I intend to do this for two years and on completion open a training workshop. I will be able to repair cars and also deal in the sale of spare motor parts. This will help me to gain some income and help my other siblings. I wish to start learning in September 2020. I just completed my secondary education.

Here is some of the expenses that will help me for the training to go on good.

 Cost: Cam FrancCost: US Dollar
Training cost300000$500
Room and board150000$250
Tool box with varied tools70000$117
Workshop needs (Jackets, shoes)40000$67

I am filled with joy to express a great thank you. You have done much in my life in the past. I still count on you for anything good in future. You are a source of blessing to the rest of our children in Cameroon in love and action.


Emile Yong