Ngam Diland


Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partners,

Writing letter in request for sponsorship in the trade Aluminum Fabrication Frame Work.

My names are Ngam Diland presently in Yaoundé. I am 20 years old. I have lived at HCH for 12 years. I come from a family of 3. Both parents died while I was in early age as I was told.  After this, life became so difficult for us until my mom’s sister had to bring us to HCH. Before I and my brothers were brought to HCH life was equally so difficult to us, so we all started life while at HCH which remains our immediate family as we have grown up there.

While I was at HCH I started school until 2018 that I ended school at form 4.  It has been my dream to have a handwork in Cameroon as this will give me higher chance in life.  As a boy and a man, I have always loved to work Aluminum Frame Work. Having this sponsorship will easy the race for me and my dream will come through.

I shall be learning this trade in Yaoundé in Metallus workshop owned by Kouamen Stéphane. This training is expected to take me up to 4 years which after graduation shall be able to fabricate all different types of designs like doors, windows, garage doors, trello doors, and office partitions.  This we a be a great achievement to me.

Below are the things I will need to successfully carry out this training this year, and I will be able to start as I receive funds.

Description of ExpenseXFAUSD
Tuition (Job Training)100,000$167
Room & Board300,000$500
Starting Tools30,000$50
Uniform and Security Shoes30,000$50
TOTAL Expenses510,000$850

To the board of Cry Cameroon, I will take this special time to really appreciate what you people have done in my life taking from childhood to where I am today. I can’t really think where I would have been today without your help. I am very grateful.  May the good God continue to provide and protect your families.

God blessing on you all.


Ngam Diland