Acho Christpinus


An application for sponsorship of studies at the University of Bamenda

Dear Harvest Children’s Home Partners

It is with singular pleasure for me to write to you! I am appealing for sponsorship into a University program in the faculty of Law. I will remain grateful if my appeal is granted.

I come from a poor background. I have lived at Harvest Children’s Home for a period of 9 years. The help that I received from there was so good that even during this crisis in the North West Region, I saw the HCH as the safest place for me to be there. I came back here last year and I am happy to be back again.

I lost my parents some years back and have not known the comfort of parents and felt the parental care received from here and found that I was missing a lot. The cause of their deaths remains still unknown to me. But I was told that my mom died after a brief illness and some years after my dad also died.

I just graduated from the High School in Fundong with passed grades in my area of competence. I must say thank you for the achievement for standing by me.  I have the aspiration to become a future magistrate and or teacher. This dream cannot be met without your usual support.

I would prefer to attend my University program at Bamenda in the North West Region which is starting in October 2019. This is because all my friends are also in this university, and we can comfortably be there together.  Below is a list of expenses needed to enhance my University studies:

Christpinus XFA
Registration formalities 50,000
School fees/tuition 50,000
Room & Board 200,000
Books and Supplies 85,000
Feeding 80,000
Transportation 70,000
Medication 50,000
TOTAL XAF 585,000
TOTAL USD $1,032

I thank the Board of Cry Cameroon Ministries for taking good care of me since my day one at Harvest Children’s Home. I pray for more blessings on them and their families. Your reward is in heaven. In all God bless you.