Founded: First ministry activity was as a feeding station in 1992. First traditional structure (thatched roof hut) to welcome 30 orphaned children 1996. Current orphanage and dispensary construction began in 2004 and welcomed children in 2005.

Founder: Rev. Valentin Mbong, now a US citizen is Cameroonian. Valentin is from Douala where he took his early education. Later he studied in Liberia, France, and the US receiving Masters Degrees in Mathematics and Theology.

Location: Northwest Province, Boyo Division, Cameroon West Africa. The Orphanage is in Fundong very near the provincial government offices in Fundong.

Local People: Local demographics consist most widely of the Kom Tribe. The area has various Christian groups represented, and is also influenced by the local native religion JuJu. There is also a small population of Fulani Muslims in the area.

Authority and Governance: Harvest Children’s Home is recognized and licensed by the government of Cameroon and has been acclaimed by the government as an exemplary ministry. Within the United States, Cry Cameroon USA became a Bona fide Non profit organization in California in 2006. In March of 2011 Cry Cameroon USA was granted a 501(c)(3), 170 Public Charity status retroactive back to 2006. The Ministry is governed by an independent, all volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of 6 people living in various locations in the USA. In-country management of HCH is via an appointed Director, Facility Manager, and a Financial Comptroller.

The Compound

Harvest Children’s Home was built in 2004/5 and currently consists of five buildings:

  1. The dormitory with 4 sections – younger and older girls, and younger and older boys
  2. An admin building containing offices, a reception room, computer lab, guest quarters, the nurse’s station and infirmary. 
  3. A guest building with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, a kitchen and dining area, and the activity hall for the children. 
  4. The kitchen and dining area added in 2012.
  5. A chicken house added in 2012.
  6. There is also a cinder block area containing cold showers and a customary toilet


Harvest Children’s Home began out of deep concern for desperate orphaned children. Rev Valentin Mbong saw the need and God moved him in 1992 to work with local churches and community leaders to begin a feeding station and an emergency foster home program.

In 1996 a traditional Cameroon style home was built for the 30 most vulnerable children where their needs could be met with close supervision.

Following an outpouring of God’s financial blessing in 2004, through Cry Cameroon Ministries USA, the construction of Harvest Children’s Home began on ¾ of an acre of land graciously donated by Salem Baptist Church of Fundong, Cameroon. Through the amazing generosity of Harvest Chapel Church in Richmond, CA, World Orphans in Colorado and a host of compassionate friends, Harvest Children’s Home was completed in July of 2005. 

When the doors opened, the 30 original orphans were joined by 30 more the following week. For these kids, it was a dream come true. In 2007, the Cameroon government recognized Harvest Children’s Home and officially endorsed it as an exemplary facility and safe place for orphans. We hope and pray that there are many more Homes to come – and you can be part of it!

Cry Cameroon USA

Since 2006, Cry Cameroon USA/Harvest Children’s Homes has been a California non-profit and an IRS 501c3. It established in the US for the purpose of raising funds for ongoing ministries in Cameroon.  Harvest Children’s Home (HCH) is the primary focus of Cry Cameroon Ministries and was established to give a new family, a new hope and a new future to orphaned children. HCH provides housing, education, health care, spiritual and nutritional care to 50-70 children and employs 11 staff members.  

Since 2004, Cry Cameroon USA has also been instrumental in sending multiple volunteer teams from the USA to HCH. Their missions have included: staff training, health and dietary improvements, sustainability projects, training local leaders and more. Cry Cameroon USA and it’s mission teams pour care, money and expertise into HCH but also into the local community.

The welfare of these children and hope for a better tomorrow depend solely on God’s grace manifested in the charitable acts of compassionate people like you, the loving HCH staff, and the prayers, wisdom, and vision of the volunteer Board of Directors of Cry Cameroon Ministries USA.  We thank God for all our partners that make life happen for our kids every day! 

Cry Cameroon USA is a 501(c) (3), 170 Public Charity.

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