The Staff

The incredible staff at HCH - most of whom have volunteered their time - really set the tone for the home. Their love for Jesus Christ spills over into how they work to raise this overgrown family. These children, who could just as well be out in the streets, will now grow up with fond memories of their "home" and "parents" like many of us have. This team of compassionate adults ensures that these precious little ones in their care are nurtured, safe and have the basics of life in a loving environment. HCH provides about 6,480 meals for the children every month. In addition, HCH and the staff provide room and board, shower and toilet facilities (Cameroon standards), health care, worship and devotionals twice each day, spiritual instruction, appropriate discipline and some teaching regarding basic life skills. They also go the extra mile to give individual attention and guidance to the kids, based on their personal development. Though nothing can replace a child's parents and their family home, the hard work and sacrifice of the HCH team truly gives these orphans a new family, a new hope and a new future.

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