Meet Our Kids - A Day in the Life

A day in the life of a child at Harvest Children's Home looks a good bit like an average day for one of our children - minus all the modern conveniences. In fact, in some ways it may even be more ideal than ours. They're awakened by staff caregivers around 5:30 am, and just after sunrise, the children gather in the small dining hall for the 1st order of the day - devotions. There they pray, quote scripture, and sing songs in their native tongue (Kom), also in English, and sometimes even French. Their natural joy and harmony is amazing to hear. From there it's chore time and from biggest to smallest, they all pitch in like family members should. Soon they hustle off to a cold outdoor shower, then eat their breakfast which is usually a local grain cereal, and corn mush. Then they're off to school under the watchful eyes of their caregivers. Little ones are off to play.

During the school day, all the orphans come back for lunch, then return to finish school. Afterwards it's homework and free time. Now they don't sit in front of a TV or computer. Instead they read or interact with each other, playing and sharing life together. Dinner is corn mush and greens, then each day is capped with evening devotions. At bedtime you can go into the dorms and see dozens of these orphaned kids on their knees giving thanks to the Lord for all He has given them. It's beyond words. That's a typical day of life at Harvest Children's Home in Fundong, Cameroon. On Saturdays, it's laundry day and everyone pitches in, then on Sundays they all go together to Salem Baptist Church right there next to the compound. It's a routine that teaches them many important community and family skills and values.

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