Meet Our Kids

Anyone who has been to Harvest Children's Home will tell you that the kids were the highlight of their trip. They are fun, loving and playful - a real reflection of the great environment they're in. These young lives are also filled with dreams and hopes - great expectations of what lies ahead in their lives.

They and their future are why HCH exists and why everyone involved sacrifices time, talents and resources. Think about it - how do you measure the worth of their lives? The potential of these children is immeasurable. Who will they be? How many lives will they touch? What will they offer to their world as they grow and mature? We want to be there to make sure there is a future for them - these ones who would be forgotten and cast aside if it weren't for this Oasis of hope called Harvest Children's Home. So please - take a few minutes and get to know our kids. Look at their pictures, read a bit about them. These are real, honest to goodness lives out there. And while you do, let your mind wander; dream with them and consider just what these lives may become with the continued help of caring people like you and me.

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