Come Join the Family - Stateside Caregivers

So, God is moving in your heart to really be Jesus' hands and feet for our family in Fundong, Cameroon; but your budget is tight you just can't give (or give anymore than you already are) and making a trip half way around the world is just not for you? Well, take heart, there are still many opportunities for you to help and to become a long-distance member of the family from right here at home.

One of those things is being an advocate for our family in the church you attend. Does your church have a missions board? If so, let them know how they can become part of the family as well. How about your friend's churches - do they have a missions board or missions team that is looking for a place to work and grow in God's Kingdom? You can point them to our family - which is now becoming your family - as a way to get involved and truly make a difference for all eternity. If you would like to become an HCH Advocate or would like more information, please complete our HCH Volunteer Application.

There are other practical ways to become part of the family that change throughout the year. Some of those things include: collecting items (like clothing, personal hygiene items, Bibles, books, school supplies, toys or games) for our mission teams to take with them; raising financial support for those teams traveling to HCH; research projects (appropriate vocational training for our kids or training materials for the HCH staff). These are just a few of the things we can use willing hearts and hands to help us accomplish. If you would like more information regarding helping out in these practical ways, please complete our HCH Volunteer Application and email your application to the address listed on the bottom of the form. Someone will get in contact with you shortly with more details and answer any questions you might have.

For a PDF version of the HCH Volunteer Application that can be filled out and mailed in via the US Postal Service, please click here.

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