Come Join the Family - Financial

Our family needs your financial help… As you know, caring for a family (especially the size of ours!) can be quite a financial undertaking. Your help will be used to continue providing for the basic needs of our children, loving staff and facility. Our kids have the same basic needs of children anywhere around the world: 3 meals a day, ongoing medical care, basic hygiene items, clothing, a good education, and dependable shelter. Our staff also has needs: they need to be paid on a regular basis, they need ongoing education in caring for orphans, and they need additional equipment and facilities in order to better care for our children. Your generosity will also be a key factor in being able to realize our dream of building other Harvest Children's Homes in Cameroon and beyond to meet the growing need of millions of desperate orphans.

There are 2 basic ways you can help our family financially... One way is to become a regular monthly supporter, and the other way is to make a one-time donation to the general fund or to a special project. Please prayerfully consider how God would have you use the financial resources He's provided you to help our family.

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