Come Join the Family

We invite you to come join the HCH family - a family of orphans, staff and caring people who share the incredible vision of redeeming lives that might be lost - and we need you! Like any family… our family has needs, wants and desires. And just like any other family, this family also has its share of problems and issues to work out. However, the biggest difference between our family and the typical family is our distance from each other. Much of our family is at Harvest Children's Home in Fundong, Cameroon - half a world away and worlds apart. But just because we're all so far away doesn't mean you can't be part of our family. We desperately need your help in many ways:
1) Our children need your prayers, as do those who care for them day in and day out.

2) They need your financial support for their day to day care, education, Spiritual growth and for a whole host of other needs.

3) Our kids also need you to be Jesus' hands and feet in very practical ways - they want to see your face and love you one on one.

4) Our children need to have their needs and desires known; they need to be on your heart and on your mind on a regular basis. Click here to sign up to receive the HCH monthly newsletter.
Please, take a few minutes to read about how you can join the family… and then pray about how God may want to use you, and make this family your family as well!

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