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Founded: First ministry activity was as a feeding station in 1992. First traditional structure (thatched roof hut) to welcome 30 orphaned children 1996. Current orphanage and dispensary construction began in 2004 and welcomed children in 2005.

Founder: Rev. Valentin Mbong, now a US citizen is Cameroonian. Valentin is from Douala where he took his early education. Later he studied in Liberia, France, and the US receiving Masters Degrees in Mathematics and Theology.

Location: Northwest Province, Boyo Division, Cameroon West Africa. The Orphanage is in Fundong very near the provincial government offices in Fundong.

Local People: Local demographics consist most widely of the Kom Tribe. The area has various Christian groups represented, and is also influenced by the local native religion JuJu. There is also a small population of Fulani Muslims in the area.

Authority and Governance: Harvest Children's Home is recognized and licensed by the government of Cameroon and has been acclaimed by the government as an exemplary ministry. Within the United States, Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] became a Bona fide Non profit organization in California in 2006. In March of 2011 Cry Cameroon Ministries [USA] was granted a 501(c)(3), 170 Public Charity status retroactive back to 2006. The Ministry is governed by an independent, all volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of 7 people living in various locations in the USA. In-country management of HCH is via an appointed Director, Assistant Director, Facility Manager, and a Financial Comptroller.

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